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GREEN films with oxo-degradable properties, Leading the gree

GREEN films with oxo-degradable properties, has been determined to be biodegradable by ASTM D6954 & D5338 testing standarde and Biosystems Atlanta Laboratory, We can provide this complete report.
The ASTM D6954-04 testing method, has a set testing criteria laid out in three tiers.
1)Tier 1 measures the initial degradation through molecular weight reduction.
2)Tier 2 measures the biodegradation of the preoxidised Tier 1 metrial through test methods such as ASTM D5338.
3)Tier 3 measures  toxicity (through the absence of proscribed heavy metals) and eco-toxicity through germination and growth tests.

*Using the GREEN films is ideal for achieving true green printing and lamination
*akes 1.5-2 years to deteriorate depending on temperature and UV light
*Degradation of GREEN films, has been certified by the international authority