Velvet film

 Film made of Bioriented Polypropylene film (BOPP), with extrusion-coated EVA on one side of the film, allowing the adherence to the support to be laminated through heat. The matt side has an excellent velvet effect. This is the first film with tactile properties in history and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect very similar to the peach skin. An exceptional product for products in search of a touch distinction.

Velvet film combining the well known properties of matt finish with an abrasion and scratch resistant velvet surface.This film is setting new standards in protecting your printed products, in combination with a permanently perfect surface.  

 Velvet surface with a homogenous look and very good color rendering
 Well-suited for UV spot varnishing
 Well-suited for hot and cold stamping foil
 Well-suited for glueing
 Great finger print resistance
 Matt degree approximately1-5points

Supply standards
→ Wet (for wet lamination):
Thickness: 18μm, roll length: 3000 m, suited for all wet lamination processes
→ Thermal (for thermal lamination):
Thickness: 28μm, roll length: 3000 m, suited for all thermal lamination processes
(processing temperature about 100 – 120 °C, dependent on machine type, speed and substrate surface)